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I believe in the American dream because I have lived it. We now must work together to ensure that dream can still be reached by our children and grandchildren.”

As a principled, conservative leader, Paul Mitchell has a history of fighting for Michigan families. A job creator, a conservative leader, father, and husband, Paul Mitchell is the right choice to represent Michigan’s 10th congressional district.

Last year, Mitchell led the grassroots fight against Proposal 1, the $2 billion proposed tax increase on the May 5 ballot.  If passed, Proposal 1, would have been the largest Michigan tax increase in 50 years. Mitchell personally funded and led a grassroots effort that campaigned all over the state to help defeat the $2 billion tax by the largest margin in election history, 80%-20%.  Paul and his wife Sherry live with their family at their farm in Dryden, Michigan.

There’s just something about how people view themselves and their world when they get a job, start their career, that’s so incredibly rewarding,”

In 1985, he joined Ross Education. Paul became a manager of a division at Ross whose entire purpose was to set up satellite campuses around the country to assist people in building their skills to find a job. Through hard work, dedication and using his problem solving skills to implement ‘best-practices’ within his team and operations, Paul rose through the ranks and took over leadership of Ross Education for six years through 2011. During his tenure, Paul moved Ross’ headquarters to St. Clair and expanded Ross’ operations and campuses in the 10th District, Michigan and the Midwest. . At the end of his tenure as CEO at Ross, about 6,000 people annually enrolled for career training through 19 different campuses.

Paul describes his leadership style as simply “Say what you mean and do what you say.” Under Paul’s leadership, Ross became a national leader in providing career skills education and workforce services for the unemployed, dislocated workers and long-term public assistance recipients throughout the nation.