Promises Made Promises Kept 2018-04-12T02:58:58+00:00

I promised to reverse the Obama-era cuts to our military.

    —– I voted to return our military to full funding, allowing it to modernize and take on the threats of cyber attacks and radical Islamic terrorism.

I promised to support our military personnel and their families.

    —– I voted to give our men and women in uniform the largest pay increase in more than 9 years.

I promised to improve and secure our border.

    —– I voted to fully fund the wall and improve security through funds for additional patrol agents and increased surveillance technology.

I promised to support individual and corporate tax reform and to simplify the tax code.

    —– I voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which has provided American families with larger pay checks and more jobs.

I promised to repeal and replace Obamacare.

    —– I voted for the full repeal and replace of Obamacare with a pro-patient free market solution.

I promised to repeal onerous regulations from the Obama era EPA.

    —– I voted to repeal dozens of the EPA’s stifling regulations, and reduce funding to the levels of the 1990’s.

I promised to protect the Great Lakes, our most valuable natural resource.

    —– I voted for and secured full funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, despite what some in Washington wanted.

I promised to get Washington to finally release the Brandon Road study regarding Asian carp in the Great Lakes.

    —– I stood on the House floor and demanded and secured its release.

I promised to improve education transparency to help prospective students and their families make informed decisions.

    —– I introduced the College Transparency Act, which will ensure students have access to accurate and complete information on employment outcomes

            across colleges and majors.