National Defense and Homeland Security 2018-04-12T02:39:50+00:00

The first job of the federal government is to defend our country. One of the proudest votes I cast since taking office was to increase the pay for our men and women in the military. This was long overdue.

We cannot be a strong country without strong borders. That is why I voted for additional funding for border security and will continue to push for fixing our broken immigration system and advocating for a merit based approach.

As your member of Congress these are my priorities to protect our country, our liberty and support our armed forces:

  • Work to support and advance the role of the National Guard in defending our freedom including protecting the A-10 mission flown by the Michigan Air National Guard’s 107th Fighter Squadron, based at Selfridge.
  • Support every effort to make certain that our troops have the best training and best equipment so that they can remain the most lethal fighting force in the world.
  • Support every American’s right under the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms.
  • Oppose any reform to our system of immigration unless serious and measurable steps are taken to finally secure our borders.
  • Oppose any bill that gives a special path to citizenship for those who have entered our nation illegally.
  • Support the growth of the “Defense Corridor” in our district so our national defense and our troops can benefit from incredible Michigan innovators and our skilled workforce.
  • Fight to make sure veterans receive the benefits they earned.