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Homeland Security

Another important factor to defending our nation is securing our homeland.  We face serious threats from terrorists dedicated to destroying the freedom and liberty that IS America.  Our economy is also threatened due to the risks posed by our porous borders.


As your member of Congress these will be my priorities for protecting our homeland:

  • We must improve our border control and protection systems to address risks from travel to and from other countries.
  • We must secure our border, and I will not support any reform to our system of immigration unless serious and measurable steps are taken to finally secure our borders.
  • We are a nation of laws and I will oppose any bill that gives a special path to citizenship for those who have entered our nation illegally.
  • I will be a forceful advocate for security that recognizes our Northern border faces a different set of threats than our southern border.
  • No terrorist should be allowed to use the tools of our liberty to attack our fellow Americans and I will support efforts that help our intelligence and law enforcement agencies identify and track down terrorists before they strike while also protecting the Constitutional rights of every citizen.