Mitchell for Congress Campaign Releases Second Ad: “Tough”

Dryden, MI – The Paul Mitchell for Congress campaign today released its second television ad, “Tough” in the race for the Republican nomination for Michigan’s 10th Congressional District. The ad focuses on how Paul Mitchell’s life is a Michigan story and he was built Michigan tough.

The ad features the fact that Mitchell grew up as the son of an assembly line worker, was the first in his family to graduate from college, he built a successful workforce training company, Ross Education, headquartered in St. Clair, where he worked for 28 years and the last 6 ½ years as CEO.

Paul Mitchell is Michigan tough,” said Jamie Roe, Mitchell Campaign Strategist. “He grew up in a blue collar family and was the first to graduate from college. He built a successful business headquartered in St. Clair while fighting high taxes and regulation he created jobs and helped thousands get the job skills they needed to provide for their families. Paul is not a career politician and is the only candidate in this race to have the right combination of real world business experience and ability to fight the special interests and change the status quo in Washington.”

Since Mitchell entered this race last year, he has attended over 600 meetings, community events, meet and greets, farm visits, roundtables with business leaders, and many other events,” said Roe. “One thing he has heard loud and clear is that the voters want change and are looking for someone from outside of politics to deliver that change. Paul will continue to deliver his message clearly to the voters and his campaign is going to provide the voters of the 10th District a clear choice in this campaign. They can choose a conservative outsider who has real world experience creating jobs, leading a team, fighting the status quo and getting things done, or career politicians and insiders who have gotten us where we are today.” 

The ad will begin airing on Monday/Tuesday throughout the 10th District on digital, broadcast and cable television. The text of the ad is below:


Male Voiceover:

Tough times don’t last… tough people do.

Here at this plant… Paul Mitchell’s father built trucks on the line…

The first in his family to graduate from college…

Mitchell worked his way up… and built a successful workforce training company.

A hard charging businessman, Mitchell faced down taxes and regulations… and created jobs.

Paul Mitchell is Michigan tough…

So Washington… get out of his way.

Conservative Paul Mitchell for Congress.

PM Voiceover:

I’m Paul Mitchell, and I approve this message.

Link to ad:

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