Second Round of Endorsements

Files Campaign Finance Report Showing He Is Strongly Positioned To Win in 10th Congressional District With $1,451,808 Cash on Hand


Dryden, MI – Today Conservative Leader Paul Mitchell released a second round of endorsements from across the 10th Congressional District of grassroots activists, business leaders, farmers, conservative public officials, and sportsmen. These individuals joined a growing number of people who understand the need for a conservative outsider to fix our broken system in Washington.

“Since the start of this campaign last July I have held or attended over 500 meetings, and community events across the 10th Congressional District in an ongoing conversation with the voters about their priorities and our ideas to find conservative solutions to our many challenges,” said Mitchell. “I have visited farms, small businesses, sportsmen’s clubs, party functions, and have had conversations in barns, conferences rooms, around kitchen tables and in voters living rooms. The message I keep hearing is simple, the Washington political system is broken and we need someone outside of politics, with real world private sector success, to fix it.

“I am very grateful for the outpouring of support my campaign has received and I am thankful to everyone who has volunteered their time, shared their ideas, contributed their funds, and put their faith in me to be a leader for our district who can help fix Washington. I am honored by their trust and will do everything in my power to keep it.”

Mitchell also filed his quarterly campaign finance report with the Federal Elections Commission which shows that his campaign is well positioned to deliver his message of conservative solutions. The report showed $1,451,808 cash on hand as the campaign enters the next important phase of the election season.

“I became fully invested last year in the effort to defeat the Proposal 1 tax increase because it was a failure on the part of Lansing politicians who sold out to the special interests instead of focusing on fixing our roads,” said Mitchell. “That was wrong. I am now thankful to those who believe I can make a difference in Washington and have offered their generous financial support, and they also know that I am fully invested in this campaign. In fact, the vast majority of the funds for my campaign for Congress will come from me.

“The people of the 10th District can be assured that when I go to Washington I will be accountable only to them and not beholden to any special interests. I am not a politician looking for another government paycheck or pension. I am running to provide difference making leadership focused on solving problems, and that is exactly what I intend to do,” Mitchell concluded.


Editor’s Note:

Link to FEC Report:


Second Round of Endorsements for Paul Mitchell for Congress:


Pete Lucido, State Representative, Macomb County

Ralph Reed, Founder of the National Faith and Freedom Coalition

Dean Berden, Farmer, Sanilac County

Eric Tubbs, Owner of Tubbs Brothers, Inc., Sanilac County

Bart Buxton, Healthcare Leader, Lapeer County

Kathryn Lawter, Healthcare Leader, Lapeer County

Gene Lawter, Conservative Leader, Lapeer County

Doug Meiburg, Owner Meiburg Farms, Lapeer County

Harry Akers, Sportsmen’s Club, Lapeer County

Walt Bargen, Mayor of Imlay City, Lapeer County

Alan Ackerman, Property Rights Attorney

Christine Trisch, County Commissioner, Tuscola County

Leonard J. Rancillio, Jr., Legal Support and Compliance, Macomb County

Deborah Obrecht, Bruce Township Treasurer, Macomb County

George VanHouttee, Owner of VanHouttee Farms, Macomb County

Jim Bowerman, County Commissioner, Former Drain Commissioner, Sanilac County

Judy Bowerman, Sanilac County

Kristin Hurford Ramsey, Huron County

Elizabeth Randall, Teacher Cros-Lex School District, St. Clair County

Lori Eschenburg, Planning Commissioner, St. Clair County

Bruce Eschenburg, Engineer, St. Clair County

Kristine Furtaw, Regional VP of Ross Education, St. Clair County

Rodney Lockwood, Chairman of Lockwood Management, LLC

Dan O’Leary, Washington Township Supervisor, Macomb County

Jon Rundels, Retired Engineer, Sanilac

Donna Rundels, Retired, Sanilac

Lisa Damon, Advertising, Macomb County

Tina Papineau, Dryden Township Supervisor, Lapeer County

Nick Nightingale, Shelby Township Trustee, Macomb County

Doug Wozniak, Shelby Towsnhip Trustee, Macomb County

Zan Powell, Retired, Sanilac County

Marshall Campbell, Business Leader, St. Clair County

Harold Miller, Washington Township Trustee, Macomb County

John Vermeulen, Business Leader, Macomb County

Kelley Sittenauer, Conservative Activist, Macomb County

Joe Jarzyna, Owner of Jarzyna Farm, Macomb County

Ryan Ramsey, Huron County

Todd Randall, St. Clair County

Ron McCrea, Owner of Wil-le Farms, Huron County

Darrell Weltin, Owner of Weltin Meat Packing, Sanilac County

Todd Ward, United Producers Facility Manager, Sanilac County

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