Mitchell releases 1st Round of 10th District Endorsements

Paul Mitchell Announces Endorsements of Supporters From Across the 10th Congressional District

Over 100 Republican Activists, Business Leaders, Farmers, Community Leaders and Sportsmen Publicly Endorse Mitchell Campaign

Dryden, MI – Businessman and job creator Paul Mitchell today announced an initial list of public endorsements of over 100 conservative activists, business leaders, farmers, community leaders and sportsmen from across the 10th Congressional District.

“I am very humbled by the outpouring of support from conservatives across the 10th District,” said Paul Mitchell. “Since I entered this race last July I have held hundreds of meetings and events with voters, job creators, sportsmen, farmers, community leaders and others who all have the same desire, leadership that will deliver conservative change.   The support we announced today comes from all corners of the district, represents a broad cross section of the base of our party, and are people who have confidence in my ability to provide the leadership we need.

“One thing is clear, the base of our party strongly desires new voices who will do more than vote no, but will provide the leadership needed to achieve conservative solutions. They are responding to the fact that I am not a politician, but someone who has achieved success in the private sector, isn’t afraid to take on entrenched interests, will always fight for the “home team”, and will work with anyone who shares my desire to achieve conservative results. I am honored by the support we announced today, and over the coming weeks we will be sharing the voices of many of supporters as they explain why they are joining my campaign for conservative solutions,” Mitchell concluded.

Paul Mitchell for Congress Endorsements:

Lisa Valentine, Former Tuscola Republican Party Chair, Tuscola County

Rob Montilla, Chair of Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County,

Former County Chair, Macomb County

Maj. Gen. Bradley M. Lott, USMC (Retired), St. Clair County

Rosanne M. Lott, Chief Operating Officer of True North Logistics, President/ CEO of Defense Contract Development Corporation, St. Clair County

Leon Drolet, Chairman Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, Former State Representative, Macomb County

Pete Blake, Owner Blake’s Orchards, Macomb County

Paul Blake, Owner Blake’s Orchards, Macomb County

Kevin Daley, Owner of Daley Acres Farms, Former State Representative, Lapeer County

Gary Howell, Chairman of School Board, Lapeer County

Larry DeCook, Co-owner of Planter’s Paradise, Macomb County

Donna DeCook, Co-owner of Planter’s Paradise, Macomb County

Brad DeCook, Planter’s Paradise, Macomb County

Joe Burke, Huron Pointe Sportsmen’s Association President, Macomb County

Jack Butkovich, North Macomb Sportsmen’s Club, Macomb County

David Czuprenski, Huron Pointe Sportsmen’s Association, Macomb County

Jack Parinello, Richmond Sportsmen’s Club President, Sanilac County

Mark Goetsch, North Macomb Sportsmen’s Club, Macomb County

Richard Stathakis, Shelby Twp. Supervisor, Macomb County

Paula Filar, Shelby Twp. Trustee, Macomb County

Paul Viar, Shelby Twp. Trustee, Macomb County

David Filar, Republican Activist, Macomb County

Randy St. Laurent, Former 10th District GOP Chair, Lapeer County

Clint Hagen, Co-owner of Atwater Farms, Huron County

Larry Hagen, Co-owner of Atwater Farms, Huron County

Devin Irion, Republican Activist and Precinct Delegate, Huron County

Mark Brown, Owner of Mark Brown Excavating, Lapeer County

Cheryl Howell, Secretary of 10th District Republicans, Lapeer County

Wayne Inman, Attorney at Howard & Howard, Lapeer County

Ian Kempf, County Commissioner, Lapeer County

Brian Meredith, Businessman, St. Clair County

Chris Tuski, Engineer, Volunteer Firefighter, Lapeer County

Robert S. Huth, Shelby Twp. Attorney, Macomb County

Charles Mann, Owner of Hunters Creek Club, Lapeer County

Ken Landsburg, Owner of Landsburg Farms, Sanilac County

John Meldrum, Senior Vice President at UBS Financial Services Inc., Lapeer County

Mike Stange, Owner of Stange Builders, Lapeer County

Todd Upton, Owner of Dillman & Upton, Lapeer County

Kenneth Whiteside, Physician at Strategic Medical Service, Lapeer County

Don Brown, County Commissioner, Macomb County

Ryan Fantuzzi, Attorney at Kirk, Huth, Lange, & Badalamenti, PLC, Macomb County

Victor Gjonaj, Commercial Real Estate Agent, Macomb County

John (Ned) Grant, Republican Activist and Precinct Delegate, Macomb County

Dana Henry, Republican Activist, Macomb County

Abby Jacobson, Co-owner of Westview Orchards, Washington Twp. Trustee, Macomb County

Katrina Roy, Co-owner of Westview Orchards, Macomb County

Thomas Wadsworth, Owner of Wadsworth Farms, Sanilac County

Jamie Roe, Former Chief of Staff Congresswoman Candice Miller, Macomb County

Ron Rossell, CEO of Action Insurance, Inc., Macomb County

Holly Rossell, Vice President of Operations at Action Insurance Inc. Macomb County

Teri Seifert, Republican Activist, Macomb County

William Susick, US Air Force Veteran, Republican Activist, Macomb County

Joel Thomas, Former Republican Party Youth Chair, Macomb County

Marisa Vaglica, Republican Activist, Macomb County

John Watson, Republican Activist, Macomb County

Lisa Jankowski, Former President of MSU Students for Life, Macomb County

Rochelle Laszczak, Republican Activist, Macomb County

Luke Mitchell, Police Officer, Macomb County

Whitney West Mitchell, Pharmacist, Macomb County

Michael Dreyer, CPA at Dreyer & Dreyer CPAS, Sanilac County

Liz Roe, Non-Profit Executive, Macomb County

Gary Fetting, Owner of Mid-Thumb Auto, Sanilac County

Randall L. Horst, Road Commissioner, Sanilac County

Debbie Lamm, Dental Receptionist, Sanilac County

Paul Lamm, Sportsman’s Club, Sanilac County

Leonard J. Lamm, Law Enforcement – Retired, Sanilac County

Don Meissner, Retired Educator, Sanilac County

Audrey Brown, Republican Activist and Precinct Delegate, Macomb County

Brian R. Park, Owner of Production Development Systems, Sanilac County

Craig Taylor, President of the Village of Port Sanilac, Sanilac County

Sarah Ward, Retired Biochemist and Educator, Sanilac County

Suzette Walker, Nurse Practitioner, Sanilac County

Gary Yager, Business Owner, Sanilac County

Greg Brenner, Chief Information Officer of Ross Education, St. Clair County

Glen Christensen, First Class Flight Services, St. Clair County

Susan Christensen, Marketing Manager, St. Clair County

Jennifer Elam, Optometrist at Patient Centered Eye Care, St. Clair County

Mary McCoy, Former Youth Chair of the Michigan Conservative Union, Macomb County

William Schwarz, Partner at Otsi Keta Capital, St. Clair County

Lydia Schwarz, Homemaker, St. Clair County

Toni Thomas, Educator, St. Clair County

Doug Vader, Owner of Vader Farms, Tuscola County

Gerald Saunders, Interior Decorator – Retired, St. Clair County

Harold Miller, Washington Twp. Trustee, Macomb County

Jerry Currence, Auto Industry – Retired, Sanilac County

Patricia Currence, Homemaker, Sanilac County

Jan M. O’Keefe, Sanilac County

Sharon Linehan, Retired Teacher Port Huron School District, St. Clair County

Michael Findlay, Owner of Findlay Organics, Tuscola County

Patricia Jankowski, Owner of PMJ Enterprises, Macomb County

Mike Timm, Founder of Bluewater Jeep Owners, St. Clair County

Paige Christensen, Michigan State University Student, St. Clair County

James Heberling, Dairy Farmer, Sanilac County

Timothy D. Hale, Insurance Agent, Sanilac County

Darin Bays, Sanilac County

Douglas F. Bays, Store Owner, Sanilac County

Richard Shafer, Owner of Shafer Construction, Macomb County

Alvin Ferguson, Owner of Ferguson Farms, St. Clair County

Jeff Wine, Broker at JoAnn Wine & Associates, LLC, St. Clair County

Gail St. Laurent, Republican Activist, Lapeer County

Brenden Miller, Youth Chair, Lapeer County

Rachel Jankowski, Former Chair of the U of M College Republicans, Macomb County

Conrad Wilamowski, State Farm Agent – Retired, Macomb County

Mary Yokich, Business Owner – Retired, Macomb County

John Vermeulen, Investor, Macomb County

Harry Akers, Sportsmen’s Club, Lapeer County

Christine Trisch, County Commissioner, Tuscola County

Nick Nightingale, Shelby Twp Trustee, Macomb County

Deborah Obrecht, Bruce Twp Treasurer, Macomb County

George VanHouttee, Owner of VanHouttee Farms, Macomb County

Todd Randall, St. Clair County

Elizabeth Randall, Teacher Cros-Lex School District, St. Clair County

Lori Eschenburg, Planner at St. Clair County, St. Clair County

Bruce Eschenburg, Engineer, St. Clair County

Kelley Simpson, Romeo Area Tea Party, Macomb County

First two in a series of supporters saying in their own words why they support Paul Mitchell can be viewed below.


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