Mitchell Campaign Enters Election Year With Great Momentum

Campaign Announces Over a Hundred Grassroots Endorsements 

Releases Latest Endorsement Video from

Leon Drolet, Chairman of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance

Reports $769,499.62 Cash on Hand

Dryden, MI — With just over six months to go until the Republican Primary Election, the Paul Mitchell for Congress Campaign clearly has the momentum as we enter 2016. Last week, the campaign announced endorsements of over 100 conservative activists, farmers, business leaders, community leaders and sportsmen from every county across the 10th Congressional District. The Paul Mitchell for Congress campaign launched an online video campaign with many of those supporters stating in their own words why they support Paul Mitchell. Additionally, the Mitchell campaign today reported that the campaign has $769,499.62 cash on hand as we enter the election year.

“I am so proud to have the support of so many leaders from across this great district,” said Paul Mitchell. “I am also very grateful to those who share my belief that we must find conservative solutions to our many challenges, and have decided to support my campaign financially. We are going to run the kind of campaign the people of the 10th District deserve with a focus on grassroots organization while also communicating our message of conservative change in the most effective manner.”

Paul Mitchell is the former CEO of Ross Education and the former chairman of Faith and Freedom of Michigan. Paul also is the Founder and former Chairman of the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interests, a group that successfully opposed the highest tax increase in recent history, Proposal 1 in May 2015, and defeated Proposal 1 by 80%-20%.

“I am particularly thankful to those supporters who so graciously have shared their reasons for supporting our campaign in our online video effort. I will never view the supporters of this campaign as just names on a list. They are flesh and blood leaders, all of whom have great ideas to share. Just as important, I will always view the people I am seeking to serve as individual citizens of equal importance in our great republic. I promise everyone who has stepped forward to support this campaign, and those still examining from the sidelines, that we are in it to win and deliver the conservative solutions our nation so desperately needs,” Mitchell concluded.

The Mitchell Campaign also released the latest in a series of endorsement videos from Macomb County Conservative Leader Leon Drolet, Chairman of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, former State Representative and County Commissioner. “I am proud to have the support of Leon Drolet who has been a fighter for Michigan taxpayer rights for decades,” said Mitchell. “I was glad to work shoulder to shoulder with Leon to stop the Prop 1 tax increase and I am also glad that he has decided to join my campaign in the fight to bring conservative solutions to Washington.”

“Taxpayers need a difference maker right now,” Drolet states in his endorsement. “Somebody whose instincts are immediately going toward how can I support the taxpayers. And Paul Mitchell’s that person. He is somebody who’s going to go to Washington, DC and who’s not going to be fighting for the special interests, who’s not going to be fighting for corporate welfare, who’s not going to be fighting to make the world a more burdensome place on the citizens. He’s going to be fighting for lower taxes for everybody, putting the taxpayers first and no more special deals for the well connected.”

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