Mitchell: World Needs America’s Leadership to Confront and Destroy ISIS

Dryden, MI—Conservative job-creator and 10th District Congressional Candidate Paul Mitchell made the following statement:

“ISIS is a radical Islamic terrorist organization that represents a grave and imminent threat to American security, the security of our allies and that of the world.  Their ongoing atrocities in the Middle East, the downing of a civilian Russian airliner, the attacks in Paris, and the recent attack in San Bernadino, California stand as horrible and vivid reminders as to why this evil must be confronted and destroyed.

In an interview last year President Obama called ISIS the JV team seemingly underestimating the threat posed by this evil terrorist organization and his administration has taken only half measures to counter this growing threat.  If history has taught us anything it is that evil must be confronted and destroyed. The token half measures being pursued by the President are counterproductive in that they allow ISIS to show that they have the resolve to take our best shots which draws new recruits to fight under their banner.

In his speech to the nation last night President Obama offered no new solutions or policies to confront ISIS or bring about their defeat, but only offered reassurances about his current policy that is clearly and demonstrably not working.  America does not need reassurances, we need a new strategy that can achieve the stated goal of destroying ISIS.  All the President offered that was new was a proposal to limit the constitutionally protected liberties of law abiding Americans which would have done nothing to stop the attacks we saw in San Bernadino.  This must be rejected.

The world needs the leadership of a resolute and committed America that can unite all nations who desire peace and security to defeat this evil enemy.   Only then can these goals be achieved.  America must demand this type of leadership from President Obama.”


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