ISIS Must be Confronted and Destroyed


Dryden, MI—Paul Mitchell, Congressional Candidate for Michigan’s 10th District, issued the following statement regarding the Paris terrorist attacks by ISIS:

“The attacks in Paris are sickening and show the level of depravity that Muslim extremists will undertake to destroy innocent human life in an attempt to advance their evil agenda.  The American people should stand with the people of France and assist in any way we can to avenge these atrocities.  And America must also take this horrific incident as a wakeup call for the need to protect our own nation.  Some have suggested that America should admit Syrian refugees into our communities, but the Director of the FBI recently testified before Congress on this subject and stated that there is simply no way to adequately vet those who would be admitted.  We cannot and must not allow this to happen.  Instead our focus should be on securing our borders, and taking every precaution to defend our citizens and vital national interests across the globe.

Additionally, our national policy with regard to the situation in Syria has been adrift for years as the cancer of ISIS has been allowed to grow and metastasize throughout the Middle East and now across Europe. We need real leadership to develop a consistent plan to confront and destroy ISIS.

It is essential that ISIS is confronted with overwhelming force and challenged in every area in which they operate.  ISIS must not be allowed to use the tools of our freedom, social media and communications systems, to recruit, spread their hate, and inflict carnage.  It is incumbent that America leads. We cannot allow this nation to step back from a position of leadership and let evil fill that vacuum.

This challenge will only be met if our allies in the region believe that we are serious and will not back down or withdraw offers of assistance.  Those allies must include the Kurdish forces in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.  These nations must supply ground forces supported by American and other allied forces so the fight can be taken to ISIS.

We can longer avoid this threat and allow these types of incidents to spread further to our allies across Europe and ultimately to our own shores.  We cannot continue to stick our head in the sand and simply hope it doesn’t happen.  The threat is real, the threat is spreading, and it must be confronted.  And it must be confronted now.

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