Mitchell Blasts Iran Deal; Calls on Senate and President to Reverse Course

Dryden, MI—Conservative job-creator Paul Mitchell issued the following statement after it was announced that U.S. Senator Gary Peters will follow U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow in supporting the Iran Deal and that 41 US Senators in total announced their support for the Iran Deal:

“A few months ago, the State Department once again named Iran as the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world, but that didn’t stop the Obama administration from continuing to negotiate a flawed nuclear deal. Even though a majority in both the House and Senate, along with a strong majority of the American people, oppose this terrible deal with Iran, the Democrat minority in the Senate may invoke a filibuster against a resolution which would stop the agreement and avoid taking a direct up and down vote.  As a result, President Obama will likely get his wish and the Iran deal will move forward.

As it stands, this agreement will lift current economic sanctions on Iran, give the Iranians as much as $150 billion and lifts an arms embargo that will allow Iran to actually increase their sponsorship of terrorism, including support for the Assad regime in Syria and the Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist organizations that threaten Israel.  Unbelievably, it also sets up a weak inspection process which will not include “anytime, anywhere inspections” on Iran’s nuclear sites, lifts key restrictions on the Iranians in less than 8 years, and increases the likelihood Iranians will obtain nuclear weapons.   There is still time for Congress to stop this agreement and I strongly urge the US Senate and the House to use all means necessary to reverse course and reject this Iran Deal.

“Despite intense negotiations that have occurred over the last few months, the Iranians have continued to sponsor terrorism as a nation according to our own State Department, and during these negotiations the administration could not even gain a commitment to free four American hostages currently being held by Iran, including Amir Hekmati from Michigan.  I agree with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said, ‘It is already possible to say that this agreement is a historic mistake for the world.’

“Once again, the Obama administration is putting our national security at risk because of a narcissistic belief that the world can change if President Obama wills it.  It’s an incredibly naïve and dangerous world view that places more trust in the enemies of America than in our most important ally in the region, Israel.    We should not be providing Iranians the resources and structure to continue their ability to sponsor terrorism, continue their effort to destabilize the Middle East and build a nuclear weapons program. Unfortunately, this Iran deal increases their ability to do all of those things.

“If Senate Democrats continue to move toward blocking a vote on this deal, or the President forces it to move forward with his veto, it is incumbent on the Obama administration to ensure strict compliance with the terms set forth in the agreement, put additional pressure on Iran to end their sponsor of terrorism, add restrictions that will further prevent Iran from ever obtaining nuclear weapons, and at the very least, secure the release of our four American hostages being held by that tyrannical regime.  Hopefully, the President and the Senate will see the error of their ways and stop this deal from moving forward before the deadline of September 17.  But if that does not happen, the Obama administration and Congress need to increase their vigilance to ensure that Iran lives up to every facet of this deal and discontinues their sponsorship of terrorism around the globe.”


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