Paul Mitchell statement on Judge’s order blocking EPA regulatory over-reach

Dryden, Michigan – Conservative job creator Paul Mitchell released the following statement in response to the preliminary injunction issued by Federal District Court Judge Ralph Erickson blocking the EPA from enforcing the Waters of the United States rules in 13 states.

The Obama administration EPA has been moving steadily forward on implementing their Waters of the United States rule that would do little to protect the environment, but would place immense new burdens and costs on our economy, particularly the agriculture sector, and take away the authority of the states to manage resources within their borders. This bureaucratic over-reach must be stopped and yesterday a federal judge in North Dakota issued an injunction against the implementation of this rule in 13 states which brought the lawsuit, but true to form the Obama EPA has stated that they will continue to move forward with the implementation of this rule beginning tomorrow in all other states not impacted by the ruling including here in Michigan. The Obama EPA sees no limits to its power and the arrogance on display here shows that they will do anything to enforce this destructive rule with no consideration shown to the rights of states that will bear the impact. The fight to stop this destructive rule must continue until the authority over these matters is returned to the states where it belongs.

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