Paul Mitchell Issues Statement on Announced Nuclear Deal Between US and Iran

For Immediate Release:
Dryden, MI— Paul Mitchell, candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 10th district, made the following statement regarding President Obama’s announcement of a deal between the United States, Iran and five other nations involving Iran’s nuclear program:
[h5]Mitchell: “If our security interests are not protected, then this agreement must be rejected.”[/h5]
“I believe it is a grave threat to leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power, and that is exactly what this agreement appears to do.  Additionally, immediately lifting the economic sanctions and the conventional arms embargo over time would give Iran access to billions of dollars in new revenue and put in place no restrictions on transferring weapons to organizations that have fomented terrorism and militancy including the Asaad regime in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Palestinian territories.  Such actions would destabilize the Middle East and potentially cause a new arms race and threaten our allies in the region, most importantly Israel.  On its face, this appears to be a bad deal for the United States and the world.  It is incumbent upon every member of Congress to study the details of the agreement to judge whether the vital national security interests of our nation and those of our allies are put at risk with its adoption. If our security interests are not protected then this agreement must be rejected.”
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