Mitchell: Use Every Tool to Stop Planned Parenthood’s Disgusting Practices

Dryden, MI—Conservative job-creator Paul Mitchell Paul Mitchell denounced the recent videos  showcasing Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices in the sale of fetal tissues. Mitchell called on elected officials to use all resources to stop these disgusting practices.    

Our elected officials need to use every tool at their disposal to investigate Planned Parenthoods involvement in these disgusting practices and ensure that our laws definitively stop these atrocities from occurring, stated Mitchell. I applaud Congressman Fred Upton, Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, for leading the congressional investigation on this topic.   

In the latest video released, a woman the releasing party identifies as Dr. Mary Gatter, a Planned Parenthood official negotiates prospective sale of fetal parts, bartering price, and at one point, Dr. Gatter jokes, I want a Lamborghini.

I believe strongly that every life is precious, particularly innocent life.  We shouldnt be trafficking the destruction of innocent life, stated Mitchell. These videos are sickening, the practices are sickening, and I urge lawmakers to do everything they can to stop these abhorrent practices from occurring. 

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