Mitchell: $900 Million Proposal to Raise Taxes is as Reckless as Proposal 1

Dryden, MI—Conservative job-creator Paul Mitchell blasted a proposed constitutional amendment that would raise taxes $900 million. Last week, liberal activists proposed a ballot initiative that would almost double the corporate income tax (CIT) from 6% to 11%.

“The $900 million job-killing tax increase is as damaging to the economy as Proposal 1.  This reckless proposal would raise the corporate income tax 83%, give Michigan the 2nd highest corporate tax in the nation, and destroy our economy in the process,” stated Mitchell.  “Just like Proposal 1, this is a disaster for the economy and it would devastate job-growth, small businesses and family farms.  Worse yet, this proposal does not even guarantee funding will go to the roads long-term. It’s a thoughtless special interest money grab which voters will reject.”

Earlier this year, Mitchell led a grassroots effort as Chairman of the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals to defeat Proposal 1 80%-20% despite getting massively outspent.

“It seems that the Democrats’ knee-jerk answer to everything is to raise taxes, regardless of the impact on our economy.  They haven’t changed their tune since President Reagan observed, ‘If it moves, they want to tax it. If it keeps moving, they want to regulate it. If it stops moving, they want to subsidize it,’” stated Mitchell. “Careless proposals that are just special interest money grabs through higher taxes will wreak havoc on Michigan’s economy making the American dream harder and harder for people in our state to achieve. If we work to reprioritize our budget and slash unnecessary overregulation that strangles small and mid-size business, we can work to secure that dream for our children and grandchildren again.”

Earlier this month, Paul Mitchell announced his campaign for Congress in Michigan’s 10th District.  Paul Mitchell is the former CEO and owner of Ross Education.  Paul oversaw the relocation of the executive headquarters to St. Clair.  At Ross, Paul led a school group that provided education and skills-training to 6000 students annually at 19 campuses.  Ross became a national leader in providing workforce services for dislocated workers and long-term public assistance recipients throughout the nation that were critical to the success of the welfare to work program.

Paul Mitchell and his wife Sherry reside in Dryden Township in Lapeer County and have 6 children.

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