National Security

One of the most important duties of our federal government is to provide for our security and national defense.  I believe as Ronald Reagan believed that the best way to preserve our security and peace in a dangerous world is to ensure a strong and nimble national defense.  Very simply, peace through strength.

Also, the brave American men and women who defend our freedom and liberty deserve our support during and after their service.

As your member of Congress these will be my priorities to support our armed forces:


  • Fight to reverse the Obama administration cuts to our military by finding savings elsewhere in the budget – we will start by cutting government bloat.
  • Work to support and advance the role of the National Guard in defending our freedom including protecting the A-10 mission flown by the 107th Fighter Squadron flown by the Michigan Air National Guard based at Selfridge.
  • Will support every effort to make certain that our troops have the best training and best equipment so that they can remain the most lethal fighting force in the world.
  • No decision is more important than whether to send our armed forces into combat and I will only support doing so if it is demonstrated that our vital national interests, or those of our allies, are at clear risk.
  • I will support the growth of the “Defense Corridor” in our district so that our national defense and our troops can benefit from incredible Michigan innovators and our skilled workforce.
  • Our veterans earn their benefits through service and we need to live up to our commitment and deliver those benefits to them.   Too many veterans find it too difficult to receive health care and access to their benefits and that is unacceptable.  I will work day and night to ensure that our benefits get the care they need and deserve.  We owe that to them for their service.